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Help yourself and help others by testing the apps we create.   You will be able to

  • Ensure the apps you test meet the stated outcomes and your business needs.
  • Provide feedback and get the app working in the manner you require.
  • Enjoy huge discounts if you decide you want to purchase the apps.
  • Suggest new apps that you would like to see developed.

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Your Questions Answered.

We have tried to provide as many answers to the questions we have received.   If you still have questions mail us at

Will I need to do any programming?

No.  No coding is required.   Our user testing is usually fairly straight forward.  You will be given instructions on how to conduct all tests and how to then provide us with the results and feedback.

How long with testing take?

Typically 30-45 minutes from app install, setup and scenario testing. 

For upgrades or bug fixes it could be less than 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of becoming an app tester?

All app testers get discounts on apps that they wish to purchase.   These discounts can be as high as 80%.

App testers also have the privilege of knowing what will be released and may be invited to participate in our early adopter program.

App testers are able to make feature requests and have their requirements added to the app prior to launch.